Monday, June 14, 2004


Finally my taxation exam is over! Whether or not I passed is a different story. It was a tough exam and I am just hoping for the best. I have another exam in September so I have some time to study.

Yesterday I watched a WB supertar marathon. I saw all the shows up to the finale, which is tonight. It was hilarious, but I am sure that I will feel bad for the people when they find out that they are not any good.

I am starting to work at BB again, half days starting tomorrow. I am excited because I am actually going to get to do accounting functions...not just general office functions.

Monday Madness

Using the following letters, name birthday-related words; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, phrases; they are all allowed!

H - Hats
A - Aging
P - Presents
P - Party
Y - Yelling

B - Balloons
I - Ice Cream
R - Ribbons
T - Tape
H - Happy
D - Dancing
A - Annually
Y - Yahoo!



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