Saturday, January 17, 2004

My Name is Cuban Pete...

I got The Mask Soundtrack this week can you tell? It has some great music on there for teaching tap. I think that my tap class year end show number is going to be Cuban Pete...It is fun and upbeat!

I am soooooo tired! I can't get to sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning so I feel like I am dragging myself around all the time.

I just have to say that I finished my current lesson and assignment in 2 days...Normally it takes 3-4 days. Maybe it was because this particular lesson was actually interesting.

This week I pretty much has the worst day of my life (so far)...My tire exploded and I almost went into a ditch...The when I got out to look at it I locked my keys in the car...I wasn't wearing a coat and I was wearing sandals. It has been freezing lately...I am lucky that there are still some good people out there that were willing to help me. I was also glad that I have roadside assistance on my car so they came and fixed it for free. Because of this situation my mom went out and bought be a coat, mittens and a scarf...All things that I have but hate wearing. But I will probably wear them sometimes...Because I think I am getting sick.

Shout Outs......Dee, Jerilee, Angela, BlogExcerpts, Mariel and Kitten Blue......Thanks for commenting!


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