Sunday, January 18, 2004

Monday Madness

Monday Madness

True or False

1. I often wake up before my alarm clock goes off.
True...When I have it set that is. I do not like awakening to the buzzer of an alarm clock. If it ends up going off I am always dreaming that there is a fire and that is the fire alarm. So...I usually wake up before then turn it off right before it is about to buzz.

2. I love to drive; in any kind of weather!
True...I love driving period. I don't care about the weather. I live in Canada so we get some bad blizzards but I don't mind driving.

3. I'd rather have to worry about staying warm than staying cool.
True...Typically I would rather be cold than warm but after the little incident I had this week (being out in freezing weather with only a sweater and sandals) really made me think.

4. I wish I lived in another state.
False...I don't live in a state, I live in a province but I wouldn't change it. Granted there are some beautiful provinces out there such as Nova Scotia and B.C., but I am happy where I am.

5. Multi-tasking is what I do best!
True...I am actually quite good at multi-tasking. I make lists and prioritize all the time!

6. Flying is the only way to go!
False...I love road trips!

7. Budgeting my money is one of my downfalls.
True...I have a weakness for shopping.

8. I wish there was 8 days in the week!
False...Maybe I would feel differently if I was actually really busy.

9. I get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
False...I have insomnia

10. I'm a night owl.
True...I didn't used to be. I always went to bed early and woke up early but now things are reversed.


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