Monday, January 05, 2004

Is This Thing On?

Nina did this on the Join The InShanety!
It is a lot of fun there so you should go join! OH And don't worry...It is not only about Shane West.

Who do you call the most on your cell?
My Sister, Melissa

In the last 24 hours what did you buy?
Nothing....But in the last 48 hours I bought the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD for myself (I had the VHS) and I bought The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen DVD for my sister (it is her birthday on Wednesday)

What movies did you last see?
Pirates of the Caribbean
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Bruce Almighty
Legally Blonde 2
Ace Ventura

What is in your stereo?
Jonny Was CD (my sister got me it for Christmas)
Live - Birds of Prey
Various Burned CDs

What is on your agenda after school/work for tomorrow?
Well since I don't have school or work, I will just tell you what is on my agenda for today...

I need to modify my resume and add the work I did for Blue Bird in December (YAY! I am glad it was accounting work)...

I need to start working on Lesson 4 of my course (just finished Lesson 3 and handed in my assignment yesterday)

I need to do some class planning for my teaching this week. I was planning on doing this over the holidays but I just got so distracted with my sister home.

OH...And I really need to clean my room

Lets do some shoutouts...Dee, Angela, Jerilee and Melissa


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