Sunday, January 18, 2004

I am so mad I could scream!


I spent all day yesterday working on this assignment that is due anytime now. I went to submit it this afternoon. I always start with the multiple choice submission...I open the page and my computer completely shuts down! I have no clue why and it was strange because I could even turn it back on, so I cut the battery and now it is fine. So I went back to the webpage to try to submit again and I can't it is locked. There is a lock where my grade should be in the gradebook so they are going to know that there was a problem. I emailed my online advisor and hopefully he can reset it so I can do the questions. If not I am out 20 marks...I just hope he gets back to me before the deadline!

I m trying to think of songs for the CDs I am making for teaching. It is hard. My sister is helping me find tap songs...

Gosh I am tired...I think that I am going to take a nap before dinner!

Shout Outs ... Dee, Angela, Blurt It!, kebeen, Erin, jEstiN, and Iva...thanks for tagging and commenting guys!


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