Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I can't resist a man in make up!

Well...Since Christmas is over I have changed the "layout" (If you can call it that )

I haven't been around much lately...Well I have been around but I have mostly been studying. Plus my sister is home so we spend a lot of time watching the Pirates of the Caribbean...And driving around searching for the tackiest Christmas lights. We are currently developing a website. It is still a work in process though. The only section up is the loop section.

So you have to visit Dee's Blog and check out her Love Actually layout. It is beautiful. She has inspired me to put up a link to the fanlistings I have joined. There are not many right now but it will be up and running hopefully today. I will post the update when it is complete.

I have updated the my creations link...I made a few things for the secret santa game at the Shane boards.

PLUS...Dee made me a new blog link that is now uploaded.

Now it is time for...
Tuesday Twosome Your Blog!

New Year's Eve is upon us...

1. Are you staying home or going out?
I am not going anywhere special...Robin's

2. Do you stay up to watch the ball drop or Do you not care because it is just another year?
Well I do stay up, but not really to watch the ball drop. I am usually up until after midnight every night.

3. Fireworks: "I like loud sparkly things!" or "Get away! I don't want to end up in the ER!"
I do like watching fireworks...Not lighting them.

4. If you are dateless on New Year's Eve, at midnight, do you kiss a random guy who you know came alone or do you quietly leave the room so you don't have to be alone?
I am all about kissing random guys...How do you think Robin and I got together.

5. New Year's Resolution: Yes or No. If yes, what are they?
I don't have any at this point...

I will be back later...


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