Saturday, December 13, 2003

blah blah blah...

So I am home tonight because Robin has gone to Christmas parties WITHOUT ME! I don't care though...hmmmm...maybe he wont be coming to any of the ones I am going to (that depends on if I am in a good mood or not).

I just finished my first assignment for the took a week to complete. I think that I might do things differently with the rest of them. There is an assignment for each lesson so instead of doing all topics in the lesson then the assignment I am going to do it as I go.

I start working at Blue Bird again on Monday...not permanent, but it is actually going to be valuable work. I am doing "special" projects in the accounting department. The first one I am doing involves a $100 excise tax on all transportation vehicles with air conditioning. In Canada there is a $100 tax, but if the vehicle is transported to the US we get the $100 back. So my first task is to get the cash back from the government! I am looking forward to it...BUT I am not looking forward to getting up in the morning!

I am still not finished my Christmas shopping...I have to get one more thing for my brother and my grammas...



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