Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Tuesday Twosome

Tuesday Twosome

The temp is dropping, would you rather:

1. Wear layers to stay warm or wear a huge coat that makes you look like the Michelin tire guy? (explain)
I would rather wear layers. I rarely wear a coat.

2. Drink coffee or hot chocolate? (explain)
Hot Chocolate...it is so warm and cozy.

3. Play in the fallen leaves or rake them up because you hate a messy yard? (explain)
well I do hate a messy yard, but I do love to play in the leaves.

4. Buy your Christmas presents early or spend your money on some shoes for yourself? (explain)
Buy my Christmas presents early.....then I will spend money on myself after Christmas when everything is on sale.

5. Jump on a plane to somewhere warm or enjoy the cooler weather? (explain)
I think that I would like to go somewhere warm. Don't get me wrong, I like the cold weather....BUT...Sometimes it is too much for me.


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