Saturday, November 29, 2003

Tuesday Twosome

Tuesday Twosome

Can I do this??

Thanksgiving (USA)Would you rather:

1. Stay home or go to a relative/friend's home? (explain)
Stay home...I am just more comfortable at home.

2. Eat a traditional meal (turkey) or have something different and unexpected? (explain)
Traditional...I love turkey!

3. Help in the cooking or the clean up? (explain)
Definitely the up take just as long...probably even longer.

4. After Thanksgiving dinner, take a nap or watch football? (explain)
Probably take a nap...I take naps a lot...but I do like watching football.

5. Buy your Christmas tree that evening or wait a couple of weeks? (explain)
Wait...we don't put our tree up very early...The cat likes to climb it.


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