Sunday, November 02, 2003

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

1. How long have you had your blog?
hmmm...I think that I have had my blog since the end of August 2003

2. Do you post on a daily basis?
I try to, but I am not sure if I do. I will try to more often if I don't.

3. Do you have a list of daily reads? If yes, do you visit them daily?
Not really other than Dee, Melissa and Mariel, which I do visit daily. Other than that I do a lot of blog "surfing".

4. What is the longest period of time you have gone without posting an entry?
I think maybe a week...I think it was when I got the blog.

5. Do you have more than one blog?
Well I have a Laura's Creation Blog that I post in when I make something and a 100 Things About Laura Blog.


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