Sunday, November 02, 2003

So Tell Me What You Really Think.....

I decided to change the colours on the "main blog page", since all I know how to do is change the colours ....What do you think? Do you like the Blue?
Let me know when you are sick of it and I will change them again....

My cousin is leaving for Florida tomorrow....she is going to visit her husband, who moved there for a job. She doesn't want to move there yet though. We gave her the ticket for her birthday. I am sure she will have a blast. BUT...she is 31 and her husband is to, but he lives in an old folks home . I have no clue why, but apparently he plays shuffle board with them. There is a pool there so Chris said she would spend her time there while her husband is working.

I am restoring my computer again today. I decided that I would put Windows XP on it, but I am not too keen on it so I think that I am going to put Windows 2000 Professional back on it.

I really need to clean my is not as bad as yesterday but I hate putting laundry away so I just fold it nicely and keep it in a laundry basket. I have no room for things in my closet or drawers....maybe that is a sign that I should clean them out!

Shout Outs......Dee, Mariel, BaloneyDude Whatever, Angela, Autumn, Patty, Amanda and Jezebell


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