Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I have insomnia again...

The last time I was out of work I just couldn't sleep at all. It is happening again. I try to go to bed a decent time (12:00 am) but I just toss and turn all night long. It drives me nuts. I just want to sleep!

Well I am teaching tonight. It is parent viewing week. I have no clue what that means other than the parents get to watch. But the parents can always watch. There are viewing windows. They are good because the parents can see in but the kids can't see out. I really hope the parents are not sitting right in the room this week. It just distracts the kids in my opinion, especially the younger ones.

Shout Outs go to Dee, Meldoh Cabrera, Angela, Mariel (who never blogs), Melissa and Cara


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