Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Tuesday Twosome

The new Tuesday questions are up so go check them out....

Tuesday Twosome

1. Be given a trick or a treat? (explain)
Definitely treat...One Halloween when I was younger and I mean like 5-6, I went to this person's door and I said "Trick or Treat" and she said "Trick". I didn't know what to do, but I was dancing at the time so I did a little dance. Then I got 2 treats! I love treats......

2. Receive fruit or a toothbrush when trick or treating? (explain)
I would say toothbrush...At least I would be able to use it. Apples just automatically get thrown out in my house (well the did when we went out for Halloween). Besides...That toothbrush can get rid of all the bad stuff on your teeth from eating all the candy!

3. Be stalked by a werewolf or an escapee from the psych hospital? (explain)
Definitely the escapee from the psych hospital...Hairy people just scare me. My sister gave me this Teen Wolf Collectors Edition DVD for my birthday (I am assuming it is sort of a gag gift)....

4. Dress up as a character from Nickelodean or The Disney Channel? (explain)
I don't know....What shows are on these channels? Are the Gummi Bears on either of these channels?

5. Bob for apples or sheep innards containing mula? (explain)
The sheep innards with money! It can't be that bad...I think they did that on fear factor (but without the money). Anyways, I need the money!


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