Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Some Tuesday Questions...

Daily Double

1. How often do you listen to the radio?
Not very often...There was a while there when I only listened to the radio because I was sick of all my CDs.

2. How many CDs do you own?
I have a lot of CDs...I have no clue as to how many I have. I have some burnt CDs and Some purchased ones. I need a lot of them because I need variation in the music I play when I teach.

Random Questions...Random Days

How do you refer to each room in your house?
Let me think about this....
bathroom = john, can, or the bathroom
family room = tv room or the downstairs
office = computer room
bedroom = my room, or my apartment
kitchen = place where the fridge is, or the kitchen
dining room = dining room table
living room = the upstairs, or the living room

Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather...

Eat half a slice of toast covered with bee larvae OR drink a shot of tequila with 5 live tequila worms in it?
A shot of tequila with the worms....I think that I have eaten worms before, when I was a child of course.

Be able to blow bubbles out your ears OR turn your skin bright blue?
Bubbles out of my ears would be cool...

Be wrongly accused of sexual indecency with a minor OR be rightly accused of sexual indecency with an animal?
I am going to have to say rightly accused of sexual indecency with an animal...The first one would absolutely ruin my reputation for life.

Be kidnapped, drugged, and wake up the opposite sex OR missing both your kidneys?
Be kidnapped, drugged, and wake up with the opposite sex...I thought that it was bad to lose both kidneys. I know that you can donate one, but I thought you needed at least 1 to survive.


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