Monday, October 27, 2003

Random Questions....Random Days

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CELEBRATE TEDDY BEARS! On this day in 1858 President Theodore Roosevelt was born. The teddy bear was created in honor of him. Do you have a favorite teddy, or stuffed animal. Please share.

I do have a favourite stuffed animal....He is a Just Friends stuffed dog named Buster. I got him for Christmas from my Aunt and Uncle when I was 6 years old. He hasn't left my side since. I used to take him everywhere (and I mean everywhere) but now I just sleep with him. Most of the time he stays in my room, but sometimes he will come out if I am watching TV upstairs or taking a nap in my sisters bed . He looks a little beat up now...he is going bald, he has had surgery several times (including his neck and ears) and he has several holes in him from me putting my dance award pins on him. Sometimes he likes to dress up in clothes....right now he is wearing a burnt orange tie.

He is definitely loved.....


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