Saturday, October 25, 2003

Random Questions...Random Days


How about sharing 10 things about yourself...You can share more if you like though!

Well I have done the 100 Things About Me exercise. I actually found it quite easy to do...

Here are 10 things about myself....

I was born on a cold autumn day in October, October 25th, 1979 to be exact. I was born 3 weeks late. My mom had to be induced because they didn't think that I would ever come out! Apparently when they broke her water she almost flooded the room... I have no proof of this though. I was a chubby little baby (9 pounds, 5 ounces) and I had so much hair on my head!

I started taking dancing at the age of 2 (almost 3). I think that I started because my cousins danced. Who would have thought that I would actually be good at it. I started off taking ballet and jazz. Then when I was 4 I decided that I wanted to take tap as well. I ended up dancing for about 16 years and went to several dance competitions all over the US and Canada. After a few years off of dancing, I went back and took some classes again. Now, I am a dance teacher.

I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. When I graduated, I started a financial planning business. I have now closed the business. I don't regret it because it gave me valuable work experience...Now I am enrolling in an accounting designation program and am looking for a position in this industry.

My family....My father is Rick (age 50) and accountant...My mom is Susan (age 48) a medical receptionist...My sister is Melissa (age 21) a University student...My brother is Shane (age 17) a high school student). Also in my family is Teddy, Missy and Kasper.

I am upset that the Chicago Cubs didn't make it to the world series. Ironically enough, my favourite player is Alex Gonzalez...The short stop that made the error in that famous dreadful inning. I have blocked it all out, so I can't remember the inning or the game that it actually happened in.

I have a man friend named Robin...We have been "friends" for 6 years...I think.

I have this strange obsession with reality television. I try to watch all of them. This includes Big Brother, Trading Spaces, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and sometimes Survivor (although I have not watched one episode this season).

My favourite food is Chinese food. My mom said that she lived on it when she was pregnant with me. Could there be a connection there? My favorite non-alcoholic drink is Milk, my favourite alcoholic drink is Sex On The Beach. I also like pickles, ad I am an expert pickle maker.

I started blogging in late August (I think). Since then, I have become fixated on the idea of it. I enjoy blogging and doing memes. In fact, Dee and I have decided to start The Tuesday Twosome. So check it out. We would love it if you participated!

I guess you are wondering what I look like huh? Well I am about 5'2" (I tell people that I am 5'3" though...Like it makes a big difference), I have fair skin, long brown curly hair, hazel eyes, a lot of freckles and my nose is kinda round.


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