Sunday, October 19, 2003

Monday Madness...Part II

I just thought I would add the questions that were modified...

Which room would you most like to remodel or change the look of? Why?
I think that I would remodel our family room. It has that faux wood panel like stuff on the walls, brown carpet and brown furniture. I would love to see the panel things gone, some nice light paint on the walls and some new carpet. The room is very dark and definitely needs some bright colours in there. I would like to see the bar in there changed around. It would be cool if there was more storage there, some bar stools etc. The room needs new furniture as well...maybe not new furniture but some slip covers on the furniture. I think that I watch Trading Spaces too much!

Which room do you hate cleaning the most?
I hate cleaning the office...there are so many papers in there. Sometimes I just want to pick everything up and throw it in the shredding pile. But, I am sure that there are a lot of important papers in there.

Monday Madness


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