Tuesday, October 21, 2003

LuLu's Lines

TRIGGER 1::: What can I do to..........make my boyfriend realize that he is not a very good boyfriend. I could come right out and say it, but I really don't think that would stick in his mind. Sometimes I think that he doesn't listen to a word I have said in 6 years. For example, I mentioned to him tonight that I was going out with my friend Tammy on Friday for my birthday. So later on in the conversation he says "Maybe we can go out for dinner on Friday since it is your birthday". There are 2 things that I found odd with this statement. First, I already said that I was going out with my friend Tammy, and second, my birthday is on the 25th, not the 24th. Now since we have been together for about 6 years (I was 18 when we met) you would think he would know when my birthday was. Maybe I confused him by saying I was going out with Tammy on that day and that led him to believe that it was my birthday. Who knows....But, I would like to do something that would I guess shock him or make him understand that he is constantly hurting me in some fashion.

TRIGGER 2::: The sound of..............rain drops falling is so soothing. It hasn't rained here for awhile and we really need a good rain. The weather network is calling for rain on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of next week. I guess I shouldn't get my car washed on the weekend. It rained today in Florida. Game 3 of the World Series had a short rain delay. But they are back playing as I type.

LuLu's Lines


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