Sunday, October 26, 2003

It is Sunday Night And I Am Feeling Fine..........

Well I guess I had a pretty good weekend.....It was my 24th birthday on Saturday. I don't really feel any different, maybe if I turned 30 I would. I got some money, a new phone some DVDs and I got the Live CD from Dee!

I went out to dinner on Friday with my friend, her husband and their child (who is 2 years old). She is such an adorable child. She got me a pickle card and all night she kept saying "pickle". It was so cute! To my surprise, the waitress knew me from my dancing years. We danced together for about 5 years. Somehow she found out that it was my birthday so they sang their modified birthday song and took my picture. It was funny! I guess you had to be there.....

I also hung out with my sister (who came home from school for the event)....I think that I hung out with Robin too, but I can't remember....

I updated the links at the side....

I guess I will do some memes since I haven't blogged for a day or so......

Daily Double

1. Do you have a bad habit?
Not Really....Maybe a bit of procrastination, but not very extreme (ie. Putting things off for like an hour). Other than that I don't think so.

2. What color shirt are you wearing now?
Right now I am wearing a Beige shirt.

Sunday Brunch

1. Do you usually dress up for Halloween?
Not usually...I haven't dressed up for about years.

2. Do you attend any Halloween costume parties or contests?
Nope...I would, but my friends just usually have Halloween drinking parties...But Robin did say something about having a party this year.

3. How much, if any, Halloween decorations do you put up in your house or yard?
hmmmm....Well we do carve pumpkins and we have an electronic pumpkin thing. We usually put things in the windows and stuff too. Not a lot, but enough.

4. Do you pass out tricks or treats? If yes, do many trick or treaters stop by your house?
Yes...This year we are expecting 160 kids.

5. What is your favorite Halloween/scary movie?
I really don't know...I can't think of one right now. I like the Scary Movie Trilogy though.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Roadtrip:: Fun
  2. Honey:: Bee
  3. Flanders:: Ned
  4. Vampire:: Blood
  5. Justice:: Served
  6. Marine:: Dolphin
  7. Protractor:: measurements
  8. Rubber:: Gloves
  9. London:: England
  10. Jerry:: Ben

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