Friday, October 31, 2003

Halloween Spending......

Happy Halloween!

Given the day, I found these interesting stats!

Trick-Or-Treat Spending
Verrrry Scarrry
Barbara Wickens

Halloween has become a fright night for parents too, as spending for costumes, candy and other supplies continues to escalate. Some analysts say it's become the year's second-most expensive holiday.
Some ghoulish Halloween figures:

Amount the Retail Council of Canada estimates we spend on candy, costumes, decorations and party supplies:
$800 million

Jump in spending from September 2002 in candy, nut and confectionary stores: 22 per cent or $4.5 million

For clothing rental/costumes:
8 per cent or $2.4 million

Amount American consumers spend on costumes alone:
$2 billion

Projected increase this year over last:
15 per cent

Percentage of Spiderman costumes that sold out last year: 98

Percentage of adult-sized outfits among total costume sales: 35

Amount kids' costumes by designer Tom Arma are selling for on eBay:

Increase over retail: 300 percent

Halloween Spending

Now that I think about it, my parents have spent about $100 on candy this year. We spent maybe $10 on a pumpkin (no other decorations needed to be purchased), and probably about $50 on a costume for my sister. I can be quite an expensive "holiday"!


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