Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Another David Letterman Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Remember When Packing And Shipping Yourself
10. Clearly mark box "Handle with care -- dumb guy inside"
9. Make sure you're delivered to a Fed Ex location near a hospital
8. Bring a pen to sign for yourself when you get there
7. The "Etc." in "Mail Boxes Etc." stands for shipping live human beings in crates
6. Traveling in box still more comfortable than flying America West
5. Styrofoam peanuts not as tasty as real peanuts
4. It's quicker and cheaper to fax yourself
3. Headset rental is not available in the airplane's cargo hold
2. TiVo "Queer Eye"
1. Be prepared to endure headlines like "Jackass In The Box"

This reminds me of the The Shane West Forums when we talk about sending ourselves to Shane...


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