Tuesday, September 16, 2003



AdZe's Fortune Cookie
You can enjoy your pleasures or you can work on developing your creativity.

Current Influence of the Inner Planets
Each influence lasts from a day to several weeks.

You can successfully relate to others once you see the light and make a new balance between your conscious will and your deepest feelings for home and family.... Positive deeds bring you the benefits and advantages that you desire.... Network. Exchange ideas. Enjoy social as well as business meetings.... You can support and encourage the arts.... Channel your boundless energy.

Current Influence of the Outer Planets
Each influence lasts from several weeks to a month or more.

Bring out better character traits.... Work with appropriate professionals.... It's easy to enjoy new duties and routines. You can improve your sense of well being. Take pleasure in new experience. Personal relations get better now.... You are challenged to be charismatic. Express your fantasies. Steer clear of hypersensitive folks.


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