Saturday, September 13, 2003

Saturday Fun...

It is finally Saturday...NO WORK!

I am thinking that I am going to make it a "lazy day". I am going to lounge around, maybe watch some Big Brother...oh and work on my resume of course. I would like to go visit my sister at school but apparently there is a "No Laura's Allowed Rule" for her house. So it looks like that option is out. Hey maybe I will post all day The Shane Posse to secure my victory for the month.

Sexy Saturday

We live in a world of instant gratification - drive thru fast food, music piracy, liposuction for weight loss...and you're horny.
Would you prefer to get it on as soon as you can, or does the deliciousness of anticipation make it worth the wait?

The anticipation is definitely worth the wait...If you get it on too quickly there is a good chance that it will be over quickly (not always though...sometimes).

Saturday Scruples

1. The pregnancy has been confirmed, but you're both single and in school. You're not ready to become parents. Do you arrange an abortion?
Yeah...I probably would. I couldn't give a child up for adoption after carrying them for 9 months, that would be very hard for me, and I wouldn't be able to give my child the life they deserve, so I would probably have an abortion.

2. You're playing badminton with a very competitive person. You discover s/he has a disability, a blind spot. Do you take advantage?
I probably would...They are competitive so chances are they would take advantage of my weaknesses

In the middle of your evaluation, your boss is called away. Your personnel file is left open. Do you glance at it?
No I wouldn't...I would be paranoid that someone would walk in and see me. I would keep my eyes out of the never know, it could be part of your evaluation...testing you to see if you look at the file.

The Daily Double

1. Who is your favourite TV show couple?
I really don't watch much TV...maybe Bo and Hope from Days of Our Lives

2. Which hoilday are you most looking forward to?
Thanksgiving...yummy food.



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