Saturday, September 27, 2003

saturday-8 :: celebrity death match!

within the past two weeks, we have watched the passing of a few celebrities: john ritter, johnny cash, the maytag man gordon jump, author george plimpton yesterday robert palmer of the "simply irresistible" fame. today's questions take a tongue-in-cheek look at celebrities and their mortality...

1. if the world could be rid of one celebrity, who would you like it to be? why?
J.Lo! The world needs someone else to talk about. Everything seems to be J.Lo and I can't understand why! I do not think she is a good singer or actress.

2. do you participate in any activities like the celebrity death pool ( why or why not?
no...I have never heard of them

3. which celebrity death this year has affected you the most? why?
I am going to say John Ritter, because it was recent. I was absolutely shocked when I read that he passed away, I can just picture him now being a goof on Three's Company...I really can't remember other that passed earlier on in the year.

4. which celebrity death this year has affected you the least? why didn't it affect you?
I really don't know...If I could remember others that passed this year I may be able to answer.

5. which celebrity couple would you like to say 'adios!' to? why?
hmmm...J.Lo and Ben. Enough said...Everything is J.Lo and Ben and it drives me nuts. There was an article on the internet that was about Ben and J.Lo buying a pick up truck this week. WHO CARES!

6. if you could attend one celebrity's funeral, whose funeral would you move heaven & earth to attend?
I really don't want to attend any celebrity funeral...funerals are too emotional.

7. have you visited any famous person's grave, like jim morrison, marilyn monroe, elvis?

8. give us the plans for YOUR funeral. do you want it to be a big party? a small affair? do you want to be immortalized in marble? cremated? give us the scoop!
I used to want to be cremated, but I have sinced changed my mind. I want a nice small funeral, and I want to be dressed in a black dress and suit jacket combo. OH and black satin in the coffin. Of course I want to be burried with Buster. This is depressing me because I really need to make out my will.

Saturday Eight


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