Monday, September 15, 2003

Rain Rain Go Away!

Please...It poured all day long! AND to top it off, the windshield wipers on the company van were not working...OH and at one point the window wouldn't roll up...needless to say, I was soaked all day. It seems as though we need a new company van. But who am I really? Just the person who drives it daily, why the hell would they get my opinion on it.

I need something to take my mind off of my work...

The Daily Double

1. What is the most outrageous outfit you've owned?
what do you think of this...a red and black leopard print belly top, black leather mini skirt and my hooking boots.

2. Which came first, egg or chicken?
I have no clue...maybe two animals got it on and they produced what we now call a chicken...or maybe the first egg that produced a chick was artificially created. OR maybe a lizard layed a chicken egg...

Monday Mission 3.37

1. What regular chore(s) do you dread the most?
Vacuuming and gives me the sneezes

2. Have you ever tried any of the "tabbed" browsers like MyIE2, Safari or Mozilla Firebird? Do you like it better than a one-window browser? How come?
No I have not...I have never even heard of them. What are they about?

3. Do you ever get criticized for being on the computer too much? How much time do you spend on the PC and/or on-line? Is it too much time are or do they just not "get" us?
No I don't get criticized for being on the computer too much (I used to, but not anymore). I spend maybe 2-3 hours a day. Which is a lot I know but it is enjoyable talking to friends and posting messages. I don't think that it is too much time...would you be criticized if you were talking on the phone for that long? (I once talked on the phone for 5 hours...that is too much)

4. In your opinion, what is a "self-starter?" Are you a "self-starter?"
A person who takes initiative in starting tasks in the workplace...A person who doesn't have to be told to do something, instead they start the tasks or ask their boss if they can start/work on a task. I am definitely a self-starter...I am always looking to start new task or projects...I do things without having to be told or asked to do them. I like to work hard.

5. Let's take that thought one step further: Write a Job Ad that describes you perfectly (as you are now, not as your "ideal" self) as well as the ideal job you'd like to get paid for doing.
HELP WANTED - Individual needed in hectic work environment. Must be highly organized and able to multi-task. Individual should have excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as the ability to deal with clients in a professional manner.

I really do not have an ideal job at this time. I am only 23 and there are so many opportunites out there. Sometimes I want to be a chartered accountand or a certified management accountant...sometimes I would like to be a market anaylst or marketing coordinator. I haven't found my niche yet, but I am sure I will soon. But I do love the fast paced, really busy work environment. I am a really organized person so I thrive in those types of situations.

Do you take medications on a regular basis, or ever attempted to? Have they caused any side effects? Is it worth enduring them for the benefit you receive from the medication?
Do birth control pills count?

What moment from the past have you tried to re-live that has fallen short of the memory?
Hmmm...maybe dancing on stage for the first time. I always wonder what it was like, what I looked like dancing, what the dance was, what song it was...All I know is that it was a Babes In Toyland theme and I was a nickle. I had a beige unitard on with this yellow foam nickle thing around my belly. The only reason why I know this is because there is a picture of me and my cousin (also in the show, but a few years older) together backstage.

BONUS: Didn't your mama tell you life is too good too waste?
Not that I recall...she did tell me not to fight with my sister and brother because someday we will only have each other (I guess she didn't think we would ever get married)...She also told me to stop making faces because one day my face will freeze like that.



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