Sunday, September 14, 2003

New Zonk Board...

Well I have been changing things around a bit today. I had a tag-board but it wasn't working. Then I had some other kind of board and it didn't refresh automatically when a post was made...So now I have a Zonk Board. I like it it. It is simple. there are no smilies though which is too bad but life goes on. I don't want something that is going to inhibit people from reading my blog.

So I went to a staff meeting today for the Dance Studio that I teach at. Apparently there has been nothing but good comments about me as a teacher. That makes me happy because I haven't taught dance in years. Who knows where this could lead. I am going to get my D.M.A. certification and take some workshops. That should be fun! Maybe my parents didn't waste thousands of dollars on dance lesons for me.

Well apparently I wasn't invited to this "house Party" because it wasn't my sisters party and she didn't feel right inviting me...go figure! What do yo mean you can't invite me...I am inviting you right now to a KEG party next weekend. It isn't even my KEG party. It isn't even Robin's is Robin's friends party...


Maybe I should go to bed early tonight...5:30 am comes early! But first...shout outs to Dee, Mariel, Angela and Melissa...and everyone else who read my blog but didn't care to comment.


You may very well have to think back to the days before the Internet (really, it wasn't that long ago), but what was the best letter you ever received?
One letter that sticks out in my head is one that I got from my sister when I was in University. I finally had my own mailbox so I asked my sister to write me a letter. She filled it with some nice pictures and stuff...I still have them (somewhere). She probably doesn't remember though...she is getting old.


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