Saturday, September 13, 2003

My Lazy Day...

Well I did absolutely nothing all day but play around on my computer and I loved it (except for getting some groceries, but that was early in the morning). In my adventures today, I added a few things that you may have noticed...

1. A Tag-Board
2. A new comments previous supplier was not working out so well.

So feel free to drop me a line...

I am upset with my "man friend" We had plans for this weekend, but it seems that he has forgotten (surprise surprise)...It sucks to be him right now.

I love how my clothes are smelling...I have started to use Snuggle dryer sheets and they smell amazing. AND...the smell lasts for a long time. I put my current shirt on at about 8:00 am and it is still going strong...Try them out...they are in a purple box (I can't think of the name at the moment, but they are definitely Snuggle).

Shout Outs to Dee who was the first to post on the tag-board (besides my test) and to my sister Melissa (who finally came to the blog after I told her about it for the 3rd time).

The Saturday 8

1. did you participate in competitive sports as a child?
Yes I did...

2. if so, which one(s)? if not, why not?
I was a cometitive dancing a sport? I also did a little gymnastics.

3. did your high school have a 'good' football team?
I think so...I don't really remember. I know we one a few championships while I was there.

4. did you go to high school football games? why or why not?
I went to a few...I can't remember why...probably to meet guys.

5. which was the best in your high school: the football team, the cheerleaders or the band?
We didn't have cheerleaders at my high was called a spirit squad and they were not competitive. There was a band though, but I can't recall ever hearing the bad play. So I guess I am going to say the football team.

6. in high school, were you a cheerleader, a football player or a band member? why or why not?
I wasn't any of them...I didn't have time for that stuff because I was dancing most of the time.

7. did you participate in college sports? why or why not?
nope...I had no desire to. I wanted to study and go out drinking.

8. it's football season again. do you prefer college or NFL football?



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