Tuesday, September 16, 2003

It's Tuesday Night and I am Feeling Fine...

Well today was a fun day at work...they took the company van in to be "serviced" AGAIN (2x within one week) so I got to drive a bus around all day...it made me nervous though. What if I banged it up? I didn't but there are a lot of "hazards" around the yard that I could have hit for sure...

I got word today that my boss is definitely going to try to keep me on (at least 2 extra weeks)...That would be great...i will definitely stay at this job. I like the job, the only problem is the idiots running the joint. Don't you think that you would hire management that had experience in a particular industry? I guess NOT!

Lets have some fun...

The Daily Double

1. Who do you talk to most online?
Most definitely the girls (and guy) at The Shane Posse. Sometimes I talk to my "man friend" via email but not online very often.

2. Which type of messenger do most of your offline friends use?
My offline friends really don't use messenger systems...my online friends on the other hand mostly use MSN or AOL.

Two 4 Tuesday

1. Have you ever had surgery of any type, elective or not?
Nope...no surgery at all

2. Have you ever broken a bone - how and which bone?
I have broken toes and fingers...I also have a feeling that I broke/fractured my ankle/a part of my foot. Apparenly it wasn't bu my ankle/foot is really messed up so I think that it was.

Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather...

Drool noticeably everytime you see food OR have to throw up whatever you ate exactly 15 minutes later?
Throw up whatever I ate exactly 15 minutes later...I would have a great figure...

Meet an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend 5 years later and be very overweight OR be balding?
Balding...I can wear a hat...

Show up at a black tie even wearing only a toga, and have to stay the whole night OR have a stripper accidentally pop out of a cake at your family reunion?
Stripper out of the cake...that would be a hoot!

Sneeze once every minute for 2 days straight OR cough up phlegm constantly for 12 hours?
Sneeze...phlegm is just disgusting...



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