Friday, September 12, 2003

It's Friday.....

Once again I had a tiring week...I think that I am going to look for a new job. I am not leaving my job (yet) but I am getting the feeling that my employment is "unstable" at the present time. The industry I work in is very seasonal. The summer is extremely busy. Things slow down in the fall and the pick up again around November- December. I really have no idea as to what I want to do (still) I am getting a bit nervous. Oh goes on.

I had a fun week teaching dance...They seemed to enjoy the stuff I taught them this week. That makes me feel good about what I am doing.

Big Brother is starting to wind down. Only 3 left (Ali, Jun, and Robert). I really don't like any of these people so I don't care who wins at this time. My favourite is long gone.

The new season of Survivor starts next week...I am really not sure about this season. They must be making a ton of money on this show or else they wouldn't have kept it going this long. To me it is kinda getting out of style. Maybe others feel differently.

Oh...there seems to be a little competition going on at the The Shane West Message Boards...Who will be the top poster for the month of September? Only time will tell...I am trying hard to win!

I am seriously going to try to blog everyday more of this blogging once or twice a week...

OH and I added a comments link, so feel free to coment away...

Past, Present & Future

PAST: Even the poorest of us had a few toys, growing up. Which was your favorite?
My stuffed dog Buster...It was given to me when I was about 6 for Christmas and I still have it (and sleep with it)

PRESENT: Constructive playtime is still a valuable thing for us adult-like personages. What do you play with when you need to cheer up?
Definitely my computer...or video games

FUTURE: Setting aside, as we tend often to do here, the established laws of physics, probability, supply-and-demand and common sense... if you could create a fantastical toy, what would it be like? (This can be for children and/or adults, in case you're wondering.)
I think that educational games are great...when I have children I am thinking that I want them to have a lot of education toys, videos/dvds (we are talking about the future). So I guess a fantastic toy would be one that could benefit both the adult and the child.

The Weekly Wrap-Up

1. What was the first music video you remember seeing? What was memorable?
Thriller by Michael is a memorable video

2. What was your favorite music video as a teenager? Why?
Material Girl by Madonna...a lot of Men in the video

3. How often did you watch MTV as a teen? How often now? Why has this changed, if at all?
I have never watched MTV...I am from Canada. We have MuchMusic here. It is pretty much the same...the only difference would maybe be the type of music they focus on.

5. What is the best music video ever made? Why?
I still like Thriller...a very cool video for its time

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What's On...Right Now?

What's On the top shelf of your refrigerator Right Now?
hmmm...water bottles (maybe about five), a bag of milk, and some cream cheese.

I am exhausted...ttyl


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