Friday, September 26, 2003

It's Friday Night...and I am going to bed!

I found out today that the Muppet Show is still on TV...Seriously. I was a little shocked to see the curtains raise. But then again I really haven't watched much TV for the past few months (with the exception of Big Brother).

Which reminds me, Jun won Big Brother. I really had no preference...I didn't like Ali or June. I "taped" the finale show on Wednesday...or so I thought. I forgot to rewind the tape (well I was worried that I would rewind to far and tape over Shane on Regis and Kelly). I thought I was OK tape wise. Oh well...there is nothing I can do about. I would have liked to See David one last time though....

Oh the Bachelor started this week with Bob...I caught the last half of it, except I didn't see who got removed from the house (I was too tired to stay up any later). I thought that it was cool that his mom was there to talk to the girls. I am going to remember to tape this...

I Like Reality TV for some reason (can you tell?)...But I do like other shows too, like American Dreams (the new season starts Sunday)...

Hmmm...what happened this week? Oh yes...they extended my contract at my job (YAY!). I need the job because of my decision to do the CGA. Although I am going to be looking for work in the accounting field, I don't think that I am going to be given much of a shot until I am actually enrolled in the program. So I need to keep my current job as long as possible.

September is coming to an end...that means it is a race on the The Shane West Boards to be the top poster for the month. I am thinking that I am not going to get it this month. I started out strong but my posting dies down for a couple of days a week because I am teaching dance at night. I guess I am going to have to post my ass of this weekend! Sorry Dee! I hope I don't use too much bandwidth, and I promise that I wont SPAM!

Shout outs go to Dee, Just Me, Angela, Mariel, elle, Patty, and Mel...Thanks for Reading Guys!

The Daily Double

1. Apple Juice or Orange Juice?
Orange Juice

2. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
it really depends on my mood...I like both

Random Questions

The experts say that the average credit card debt is $8,000! How do you feel about credit cards?
I have no proble with credit cards...they are convenient (maybe too convenient sometimes)...They are good if you know how to use them. If you are a compulsive spender then they might not be good for you.

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