Monday, September 15, 2003

Good Monday Morning...

I thought that I would get a head start on things before I went to work...
I have to plan some classes tonight...

Shout outs to Dee,Angela and Mel...

You are Getting Sleepy....

Monday Madness

1. Which one of your five senses do you feel is the strongest?


2. Which of your senses is the weakest?

Sight...right now I wear glasses to see in the distance. I think that eventually I will need to wear them full time. When that happens I will probably be getting contacts.

3. Which one do you feel is the most valuable to you and would never want to live without?

Sight...My grammas are going blind right now and I see what they are going through. I never want to go through that.

4. In general, which of the five senses do you think people use most? Why?

Once again I am going to have to say sight. Even though I think that it is a toss up between sight and sound. You can see things without having to hear what is going on, but you can also hear things without having to see them and know what is goin gon.

5. Which of the five senses do you feel YOU use the most? Why?

I think that I use sight the most...I am using it all the time (except when I am sleeping of course)

Monday Memories

When you were a kid did you have chores? What did you have to do? If you have children, what kinds of chores do they have? If not, do you think you will make your children do chores?

When I was a kid the only real chore I had to do was clean my room and sometimes I didn't even have to do that. I had a very busy childhood...didn't have much time to do chores. I will definitely make my children do chores. I think that they need to learn responsibility, that is also the reason why I will give them an allowance to do the chores (so they can learn to handle money at a young age)



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